I’ve trained with Sean for several years and am consistently impressed by the way he customizes his teaching to each client. The training is never boring and has an intensity that I simply wouldn’t get on my own. More importantly, Sean takes the time to teach and educate you on movement. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Joe Romanelli, 1-1 Personal Training Client

Over the past few years I have had the privilege to both work beside Sean and call him my training partner in Boston. Sean truly embodies the word “professional” in the manner in which he treats his clients and leads group classes. Very few people have the same thirst for knowledge and desire to constantly improve their craft like he does. I am honored not only to call him a former colleague but also a great friend. I highly endorse Sean as one of the most well-rounded and competent fitness professionals in Boston.
— Angelo Gala, CSCS, Master RKC / PCC Team Leader, Co-Owner of EDX CrossFit

Anyone that has had the opportunity to train under Iona can attest to her discipline and passion, which is infectious. She pays incredible attention to detail and form, and has helped me progress through movements I never thought I could do!
— Mithila Vullaganti, Group Class Student

Since 2011, Sean has taught me to make training a priority. He will show me a movement and explain its purpose and how it affects my body: I work harder with this knowledge. Not only has my body transformed but I feel healthy, fit and confident about my athletic ability. This has transcended into my personal and professional life.
— Kristie X Aussubel, 1-1 Personal Training Client

Iona is an inspiration, not only as a coach, but also watching how she applies herself to her own training. Her coaching adjustments have been so helpful in my progressions and I find her attitude encouraging and supportive, which in turn makes me want to do my best.
— Deanna Broderick, Group Class Student