There is no such thing as a stupid question.

If the following FAQs don't convince you that you belong at Body of Work, please get in touch. We could talk about this stuff all day.



Why should I care about movement?

Sit in a chair, become a chair. The majority of people live their lives hopelessly disconnected from muscle and blood. Body of Work exists because we believe that healthy people are happy people. Move your body like it was designed to move. Support your own body weight. Fill your lungs up. Learn something new. Fall over and look like an idiot. Come back tomorrow. It doesn't get more human than that.

What's your name all about?

noun 1. body of work (plural bodies of work): The entirety of the creative output produced by an individual or unit.

Think of your training and movement practice as a portfolio of skill, power, strength, and awareness your body is creating every single day. We're all a work in progress, and that's the beauty of a movement-centered approach. Be proud of what you've achieved, but never satisfied. We're here to empower you to create a Body of Work you are proud of. 

Am I fit enough to train at Body of Work?

Do you have a body? Are you willing to work? Our oldest client is 73. Do we need to keep going?

What will my training program look like?

We don't have a cookie cutter answer for you. Your program is tailored to you: your strengths, your weaknesses, and the moonshot goals you think you'll never reach. 

We don't have a lot of equipment in our gym and it's not because we got robbed. You're body is your wisest teacher; you're going to get really comfortable pulling, pushing, hanging, and crawling. You're going to rediscover what it means to put your body on the floor. You'll breath. Hard. We'll add in dumbells and kettlebells for additional weight training. And maybe you'll balance on your hands for a minute with your eyes closed before landing in a perfect split. We've all got a moonshot...

Why don't I just go to Planet Fitness/Equinox/CrossFit/Random Yoga Studio/Anywhere but Body of Work?

We don't slate anywhere that encourages people to move. But over the years we've trained at these places and  learned a few things.

  • If a gym lets you pay $10 a month, they really don't want you to show up.
  • No one needs to do 100 kipping pull ups followed by 70 double bodyweight deadlifts. Unbroken. Five times.
  • We've had more luck finding horcruxes than our chakra.

If all this is sounding familiar, what have you got to lose? Come hang and see if you like it here.

Will I get bulky/lose weight/get a 6-pack/grow a beard?

Unlikely, unless you are actively pursuing any of the above. Bodies are built in the kitchen. When you train here you'll likely gain some lean muscle, and we can educate you on sustainable nutrition habits if you're interested. Body of Work is many things, but it's not a magical fat-sucking machine.

Why is your gym in an old converted Whiskey Mill?

As soon as we stepped inside The Distillery we knew it was right for how we want to grow and nurture our community. The Gallery is bubbling with creative people expressing themselves. Body of Work is no different. 

Do you guys know how to have fun?

We train hard, but there's a lot more to life than that. We love to get outside the gym, drink good beer, slam a burger, and meet new people.