Our Team


Sean Germain - Owner and Lead Teacher

Sean Germain is the owner & lead teacher at Body of Work. Physical expression through movement is an essential part of his life and he believes everyone can benefit from exploring the mind-body connection. Sean possesses the will to constantly learn, evolve, and find enjoyment in his training, and loves sharing that knowledge with others. Sean is an avid traveller and loves exploring other countries and cultures. His favorite form of relaxation is reading and studying Cartography.


Iona Holloway - Assistant Teacher

Iona Holloway is the assistant teacher at Body of Work. She was an All-American athlete in college, and recently converted from CrossFit to a more movement-centered approach to training. She works full-time as an interactive designer Downtown and believes that you always have time to train and invest in your health. Outside of the studio she loves hunting down the next snack and hanging out with Rue, Sean & Iona's fluffy ginger rescue cat.

Get in Touch

If you've got any questions about Body of Work please get in touch. We'd love to talk to you about your goals, our movement-centered approach, and how the two can form a potent synergy.