Where the cookie cutter approach goes to die.

At Body of Work we take your progress personally.  We understands that everyone has different goals and training needs. All our programs are movement-focused, but we've created different options to fit your training goals, experience, and comfort level.



1-1 Personal Training

If you enjoy a highly individualized approach to your training, it doesn't get better than 1-1. Sean has 10+ years of experience working with private clients of all levels and ages; there are quite a few mothers walking around Boston who can knock out 3-5 pull ups thanks to him. Whether you've got specific performance goals, or just want to feel healthier and move better, we want to work with you.


Individual Program Design

If you want programming that's specifically tailored to you but are happy doing work on your own schedule, Individualized Program Design is a good fit. We'll meet with you to discuss your goals, perform a movement assessment, and design your first 4-week block of programming. You can use Open Gym hours to come into the studio and get the work done, and we're always available to give feedback.


Small Group Classes

Training with people is fun. We've got a variety of classes available, but we always incorporate body weight training, mobility, gymnastics, balance, locomotion, animal movement, and metabolic conditioning in varying degrees.